Footwear Industry

High performance, purpose developed adhesives for many sectors of manufacturing and industry.

Footwear Industry

Affluent Cycle Industries provides various industrial adhesives for the manufacture of all types of footwear and associated components. These include solvent adhesives for manufacturing and repair, and water-based adhesives as well as graft adhesives for manufacturing.

PU Adhesive

This is specially formulated for on-line conveyor system in footwear.

Primer Adhesive

Treating substrate surfaces with a suitable primer improves bonding adhesion. For example, a rubber primer, TPR primer, PVC primer, PU primer, EVA primer, nylon primer oily leather primer.

Graft Adhesive

Our grafted adhesive is designed specially for bonding of high absorbency shoe materials.

Contact Adhesive

Our contact adhesive is used for insole and shoe general assembly.

More Adhesive Products

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