Redefining adhesive solutions through quality innovation, research and development.


Established in 2001, Affluent Cycle Industries Sdn Bhd manufactures and supplies quality adhesive products and adhesive tapes to a diverse range of industries including footwear, furniture and wood work, toys, clothing, assembly, electronic and electrical, and many more. Our experience in quality adhesive solutions has transformed many industrial applications globally.

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Sourced from Germany, Spain, Japan and Korea, our specialised adhesive products have made us a leader in the market. Our research and development team are constantly developing innovative solutions to meet our customers’ high standards when it comes to adhesive and adhesive application needs.

It is also our philosophy to ensure that the highest of ethical standards and excellence are applied to our operational, marketing and distribution divisions, so that we exceed our customers’ expectations. It is our commitment to pioneer the technology for better adhesive solutions.

To better provide for our customers, we started production of pressure sensitive adhesive tape in 2010 for applications in the Automotive, Industrial, Electronic, Electrical and Packaging Industries.